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Thursday, November 7th, 2013
Meet your newly elected executive board members and board of directors. Come and discuss the future of the alumni association. we will be having our first General Session ADAA meeting. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:30 p.m. and will take place in the Black Box Theater which is located in the basement of the new building. The school address is:

High School of Art & Design
245 East 56th Street, Between Second & Third Avenues New York, NY 10022

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Meeting Agenda PDF click here.


Exhibit: Paintings by Antonio Masi, "Iconic Bridges"
Don't miss the large-scale paintings by Antonio Masi, “Iconic Bridges”. Antonio graduated from the School of Industrial Art (now known as the High School of Art and Design) in 1958. He became a member of the faculty at Art & Design in 1966, and Chairman of the Art Department in 1973. His book, "New York’s Golden Age of Bridges," written in collaboration with 1958 alumna Joan Marans Dim, was published in November 2011. The exhibit at Art & Design runs from October 10 through November 6. in the Kenny Gallery . The High School of Art and Design is located at 245 East 56th Street, between Second and Third Avenues, NYC.


THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES! Alumni, Family, Friends, FAD, PTA and Students
Who Joined in for the A&D  #GiveWithTarget Campaign!!


Target Pormo

THE FINAL VOTES ARE IN . Target reached its $5 Million give-away goal this morning and closed the campaign -- and the voting. We did well, thanks to all of you who voted, and got your classmates, friends and family members to vote for Art & Design. When we first came across the campaign during the 2nd week of September -- almost 4 weeks after other schools had already been receiving their votes -- Art & Design High School had ZERO votes. The campaign was originally set to end on Sept. 21st. We were fortunate that Target decided to extend it for another week. With your help we got A&D on the "leading schools" board for the city [Manhattan] -- first in 5th place. And finally, by this morning, 4th place. We wound up with 616 votes (17 more than LaGuardia Arts, which dropped to 5th place after our surge)! Every school won dollars for the number of votes they got. The High School of Art and Design will be receiving a Target gift card worth $616. (Next year we can start early and win even more dollars for A&D.) Thank you all.

Special Thanks to Yvonne Fitzner for taking the lead and showing us how one person can make a difference.




Message From The President 

Dear A&D Alumni,
I am proud to introduce to you the new Art & Design Alumni Association leadership for 2013-2014. Below are the names of the executive board and board members who will be providing guidance and inspiration for the coming year. We are very excited about having so many new faces on the board that stepped forward to volunteer their time to help shape our growing organization. We now have an additional faculty member, Helen Vachicouras, who has joined our ranks to strengthen our bond with the school and faculty. Please congratulate our new board members and help support them in creating the Alumni organization we want it to be!

Executive Board 
President: Edward Velandria ('80)
1st Vice President: Myrna Perez Fung ('80)
2nd Vice President: George Alonso ('80)
Secretary: Pamela Foca ('80)
Treasurer: Sally Lee ('80)
Faculty Rep: Helen Vachicouras ('80)
Board of Directors
Gail Allouf ‘69
George Alonso ‘80
Vilma Alvarez ‘80
Don Blauweiss ‘52
Michael Cheverino ‘71
Eric Domena ‘91
Jeanne Drevon ‘73
Yvonne Fitzner ‘60
Joel Gomez ‘80
Michael Kawochka ‘89
Richard Manigault ‘74
Gladys Martinez ‘71
Alexander Medwedew ‘71
Javaka Steptoe ‘89
Matthew Waldman ‘83

A special thank you to the former officers and committees members for their dedication and passion!
Edward Velandria

President A&DAA inc.  


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1995 By-Laws
You may view the original by-laws of the Art and Design Alumni Association PDF here.

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